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I was born on what I’d like to think was a dark and stormy night way back in ’81, to a shrink mother and academic father which probably explains a lot. I went on to study Psychology and Sociology at uni and began writing my first graphic stories after reading Daniel Clowe’s Ghost World and realising comics don’t need to be about superheroes.

Since then my style’s evolved (although remains scribbley) and I now draw fiction and what i call ‘creative autobiographies’; a name I coined to described the true tales I write that spiral into fantasy all too often. Some people would call them lies. I prefer ‘creative autobiographies’.

Having left my job as a creative advertiser (writing and art-directing press, poster and tv ads) I now work running a ‘Comic and Comic Production’ internship at the wonderful londonprintstudio. I am also working on my first graphic novel ‘The House That Groaned‘, due to be published by Random Houses’s Square Peg in January 2012. If you can’t wait you can read all my comics for free including my graphic serial for The Times and my Guardian strips here. Enjoy!

Karrie x



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  1. claire montgomery said

    Karrie! Am just about to have a browse of your website, so maybe I should wait til I’ve had a good look and can tell you how wonderful it is, but I’m excited, and want to communicate my excitement now!!! Two days ago, I meant to email you and ask if I oculd buy one of oyur comics, and you could mayvbe bring it up to Scotland next month, but now I see you’re posting them for free! Might put in an order though, cos I’d like a hard copy of a couple of things. Anyway, will email you soon. I ‘m going to go now and check out your scribbles.
    Lots of love,
    Claire xxx.

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