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My Peculiar World

This is a series of autobiographical comic strips i do. They’re published every Friday on the back of The Guardian’s G2 section. I upload them here every Sunday (10 days after they were in G2) in case you missed them. My very first strips are at the bottom and my newest at the top. Pen and pencil on paper and a wee bit of photoshopping. © Karrie Fransman 2008.

strippharmacyweb.jpg strip10-year-olds-dreamcopy.jpg

stripcommuterfantasywebcopy.jpg karrie Fransman’s comic strip


18 Responses to “Comic Strips”

  1. Malcolm said

    loved your new strip in the Guardian today,hope it leads to more work for you

  2. Mark Hardie said

    Congrats on getting in the Guardian! Wishing you loads of success in the future.

    Mark x

  3. anna said

    hey. love your work saw it in the guardien the other week and it just made me laugh.

  4. Sarah said

    I love your comics, especially the one about the baby screaming for trifle.

  5. Euan said

    Love the comic strips. Congrats on the Guardian!

  6. Foad said

    hey karrie,

    just stopped in on your website to say hello. Sitting here with mimi giggling at your comics…

    big love,


    mimi says hi too.

  7. Anna S said

    wow, karrie, your stuff is amazing!! been having such a good time looking through your website – totally awesome.

    look forward to being able to buy a full-on book in the near-future…


  8. Pete said

    Wonderful cartoon today. Our 3 children went to Woodcraft – and you got the reason spot on.

  9. Soph said

    Cheers for the Woodcraft Folk strip today – I can show it to people and prove I didn’t make it up!

    PS – I never wanted to be in a single sex group and swear my allegiance to the queen or God, mostly because other girls were boring and mean. Our Woodcraft Folk group did have a uniform shirt for special events and to sew badges on to.

  10. Sue F said

    Woodie strip made me laugh out loud – on the bus. Had exectly that conversation several times!

  11. Henry Care said

    Just to say a big thank you for last thursdays (15/8/08) cartoon, it just so happened that about 800 woodcrafers from over the country and internation delegates were on a camp at that time, and news about your cartoon spread quickly, however it was only when i got home i saw it as there were very few copies around. anyway whatever your views on the woodcraft folk are its always good to get a mention in a national newspaper, thanks again 🙂

  12. Shiraz E said

    I LOVED your Woodcraft comic strip last Friday! I also went to Woodcraft Folk when I was little, and my dad jokes that the parent figure at the end is him because it’s exactly what he would have said. Although I never wanted to go to Brownies 😀

    Absolutely uncanny!


  13. Jackie said

    Thanks for the Woodcraft cartoon I have passed it on to both my daughters who went to Woodcraft Folk for just those reasons (on my part and theirs) It made us all laugh.

  14. Oriol said

    These are wonderful, Karrie! I am glad you put them online so I can read them from the Americas.

    Lots of love!

  15. Irene said

    Dear Karrie

    Last Friday’s strip cartoon had me crying with laughter. The cheerful grin on the face of the doctor, the “a tad uncomfortable” – at least you didn’t add the usual “try to relax”. As if you can relax when that is being done to you.

    Thank you so much – keep it up, I love the cartoons.

  16. Foad said


    The Woodcraft one was so good. I went to Woodcraft too btw…and all I ever wanted was to be a proper Boy Scout *sobs*

  17. Nikolai said

    They are brilliant!
    I am getting weird looks in the office from laughing at my monitor….

  18. Richard Pettitt said

    I like the way your brain works. It’s wired funny.

    The orange lady strip had me in stitches. Keep living the dream of a ten-year-old!


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