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Well done. You’ve discovered my hidden stash of free comic stories. ‘Free?’ you must be thinking ‘Surely not?!’ Well yes actually. I’m not in it for the money you see. Just the fame and glory.

My newest comics are at the top, and my first ever stab at comic writing is lurking at the bottom. Click on an image to open a new window and take a closer peek by double clicking on the bottom right corner of the page. Simple.

Sequential Art: A series of 10 small paintings designed to take on different meanings when read in different orders. Click on them at random below and see which story you come up with! Coloured pencil, painted with white spirits and ink © Karrie Fransman 2007.

sequential-arthappybrunettweb.jpg sequential-artbrunnettandangelweb.jpg sequential-artbrunnettkissingboyweb.jpg sequential-artbrunnettwhisperingtoblondweb.jpg sequential-artblondandboyweb.jpg sequential-artsadbrunettweb.jpg sequential-artbrunnettanddevilweb.jpg sequential-artbrunnettbottleblond.jpg sequential-artbrunnettanddeadboy.jpg sequential-artdeadbrunnettweb.jpg

All Consuming: A story I drew for my illustration class about the relationship between a girl with big eyes and a boy with a big mouth. Pen and magazine cuttings on paper © Karrie Fransman 2007.

A Room in Camden… A miracle in a miserable room. Pen and pencil on paper © Karrie Fransman 2007.


Ghost Stories: A true mystery with mythical African beasts and Glaswegian ghosts. Pen and pencil on paper © Karrie Fransman 2007.


At Dinner With My Cousin: My cousey tells a joke.Pen and pencil on paper © Karrie Fransman 2007.


Commuter Fantasy: And one I’m sure I share with many others. Pen and pencil on paper © Karrie Fransman 2007.


In Case a Murderer Comes: Autobiographical story about when my sister and I used to share a room. Pen and pencil on paper © Karrie Fransman 2007.


When My Dad’s Away on Business Trips: True story about what my mum gets up to…Pen and pencil on paper © Karrie Fransman 2007.


Revised Supersonic Secret Sensor: I revised this single-page story, about having a hearing aid as a child, for a competition. Pen and pencil on paper © Karrie Fransman 2007.


Eavesdroppings: Collages from my picture book, all based on overheard conversations and made from everything from zippers to false eyelashes. © Karrie Fransman 2005



Dream: Pretty self-explanatory. Pen on paper and a wee bit of photoshopping. © Karrie Fransman 2005


My Romantic Left Eye: An autobiographical comic about when I had a fuzzy eye. Pen and photographs on paper and a wee bit of photoshopping. © Karrie Fransman 2006


The Night I Lost My Boyfriend: Based on a night I had clubbing at Fabric. Pen on paper. © Karrie Fransman 2005


Blockbuster Sent Me to Hell: They did indeed…and they’ll probably send me to court too if they read this. Pen on paper © Karrie Fransman 2005


Abigail Tells All: A fictional story based on the ‘kiss and tell’ trend. Pen and pencil on paper and a wee bit of photoshopping. © Karrie Fransman 2005


Welcome to the Mad House: A poem comic with drawings of all the weirdos I’ve met while out clubbing. It’s also a fold out comic which tells the story as you unfold the page. Pen and pencil on paper © Karrie Fransman 2005.


Trasha: Based on an actual episode of a not so differently named talk show and my first magazine collage attempt. Butchered magazines and photoshop © Karrie Fransman 2005.


The Supersonic Secret Sensor: An autobiographical tale about getting a hearing aid when I was wee. Pen on paper and a wee bit of photoshopping. © Karrie Fransman 2005


Twinkle Toes: The terrible tale of a man born with a hideous face and heavenly legs. Pen on paper and a wee bit of photoshopping. © Karrie Fransman 2005


My Duvet Boyfriend: Less a case of things hotting up under the covers than er…with the covers. A semi-autobiographical tale about an ex boyfriend and my very first attempt at comic stories. Pen on paper and a wee bit of photoshopping. © Karrie Fransman 2005



3 Responses to “Comic Stories”

  1. Tine Kej said

    Hi Karrie,

    what a lovely site!
    You inspire me to pull my finger out
    and start making some of all the stuff thats been in my head for ages.

    Take care x
    Tine (Peter’s partner…)

  2. Tammy and Martin said

    This is wonderful! A black depiction of life under the rainbow. Inspiring.

  3. claire said

    I love the ghost story, funnily enough. And do you know what really impresses me? You remembered I had a swing in my garden!
    And, umm, the drawing’s pretty good too…

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