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30/9/08– Hang in there my pretties. I have an updated sexy website waiting to be unveiled soon, soon. And by ‘soon, soon’ i mean next ‘week sort of soon’. It is neater and prettier and has fancy zooming in functions, RSS feeds, a blog and other such excitement and I plan to update it much more regularly. It was designed by my friend Phil Spence and flashed by Jon Plackett- thanks boys!

11/8/08. Spent a lovely last Saturday at the comic creators convention: Caption in Oxford where i sat on a Panel discussing the state of the small press UK comic scene and got to catch up with lots of passionate people creating some really great things.

4/8/08. I am now uploading My Peculiar World comic strips each Sunday (about 10 days after they’ve appeared in G2) in case you missed them. Check them out here.

27/6/08. This week the Guardian’s G2 section is launching my autobiographical comic strip ‘My Peculiar World’ which will appear every Friday (in glorious Technicolour) on the back page. There’s also an interview which I’ve stuck below…

Red Eye Review. I received this rather nice review in Red Eye magazine for my comic stories.

6/6/08. I’ve just finished a 5 week, Saturday drawing class at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. It’s very much back to basics with a lot of line, tone and colour work. But it’s good practice for someone who spends too much time drawing from her head! Last year i did a 10 week ‘illustration workshop’ night classes at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Mighty good fun and got a lot of work out of it.

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